Monday, 28 April 2014


It's May already. May we recommend these beauties to you? And may you thoroughly enjoy them all!

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From: Flintshire, North Wales

Who: Welsh Four-piece mash up of PABH crossed with DZ Deathrays

What: 'Dirtbox' EP out April 28th

Touring: Check here

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

SAMARIS 'Silkidrangar'

Album review

Silkidrangar, or ‘Silk Cliffs’ is certainly not your average album sobriquet. Yet, for those who know and love Icelandic three piece Samaris, the title of their forthcoming LP could not have been chosen better; it encapsulates exactly the kind of music this band is about: earthy, atmospheric and beautifully percussive. Following the release of their eponymous debut album last year, Silkidrangar is the long awaited new album from the techno trio, available for a listen via One Little Indian this Spring.

BLEECH - live review

Nottingham Rescue Rooms April 18th

Photo Review

- David Foster

Thursday, 17 April 2014

PIXIES 'Indie Cindy'

Album review

Boston alt-rock darlings Pixies are back with their first new album in 23 years, and that’s a fact. Boston alt-rock darlings Pixies are not, however, back with 12 new songs. Instead, ‘Indie Cindy’ is exclusively loaded with the contents of their recent EPs, the imaginatively-titled ‘EP1’, ‘EP2’ and ‘EP3’, which the eagle-eyed Pixie-lover would have noticed entering the digital and collectible-vinyl world over the past few months with minimal fuss and to a mixed, often lukewarm, response. But ‘Indie Cindy’ deserves to be judged on her own merits, so don’t write her off just yet.

Monday, 7 April 2014

THERAPY? Nottingham

Live at Nottingham Rock City  

Saturday April 5th 2014 

'Just why are they so good'? is a question that came my way the morning after the night before, as we were picking over the bones of this tremendous landmark Therapy? gig at Rock City. It's a question i've been mulling over now ever since, because this performance by Therapy? was way up there with their best ever. Incredible for a band that have been-there-done-that for a quarter of a century, and are as far from living on their past merits or relying on 'the good times' as any band could be. Ironically,  we are here to celebrate their most successful and commercial album release in 'Troublegum' which marks its twentieth anniversary with a re-release and short tour, calling in at Nottingham's Rock City this Saturday night. Nothing quite like an album anniversary to ask where has the time gone, eh?

THE JEZABELS - Live at Nottingham Rescue Rooms - February 24th 2014

If you have ever been to Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms, you will know that at various, blissful times of the month it puts on a storm to welcome the best of the indie-pop-rock-folk-you-name-it scene. For fans of The Jezabels, it was time to swarm to the popular student haunt for their live performance on last Monday, 24th February. But before we could get a glimpse of Australian-born band The Jezabels, they were supported by the talented indie group, Champs: two brothers from the Isle of Wight singing their hearts out in beautiful folk pop melodies.The lazy harmonies of Champs surrender to melancholy undertones which, when live, filled the compact venue with an untouchable atmosphere. In past interviews, the pair have insisted that ‘We both love the sense of awe you get hearing voices in a cathedral’. Nottingham’s dark and dingy Rescue Rooms is no cathedral, yet the sound Champs produced was satisfyingly rich. The duo proved to be a breath of fresh air for the Nottingham crowd and a colossal forerunner for The Jezabels.