Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Chastity 'Tape' (EP REVIEW)

In their infancy on paper but by no means lacking in limitless promise, Chastity are a somewhat controversial and intriguing prospect. Hailing from Whitby, Ontario, Chastity is the brainchild of lead singer Brandon Williams. Formed early in 2015, they have wasted no time in stamping their mark on the scene. Tape, released 13 November 2015, serves as an easy to digest yet emotionally destructive tidbit of anthemic angst. Clocking in at less than ten minutes, this debut EP is a signal of intent from the Canadian grunge rockers.

In a somewhat docile fashion, Tape opens with raw guitar befitting of a lo-fi garage band. Wait patiently and you are rewarded with a dreamy and contemplative wall of reverb and emotion as the rest of the band kick in. Captivating and heartfelt, ‘You’re Scary Now’ introduces a brief yet insightful look in to the mind of Brandon.

Evidently growing in frustration, track two, titled ‘Manning Hill’, kicks in hastily. Purposefully played guitars and commanding drums provide a solid platform for Brandon’s distaste, most notably when repeatedly proclaiming, “We’re a blur”. At less than two minutes in length, ‘Manning Hill’ and its accompanying music video provides a snappy yet eloquent portrayal of Chastity’s suburban upbringing.

Letting loose on all of Tape’s pent up aggression, ‘Saliva’ demonstrates Chastity at full throttle. Relentlessly keeping the pedal to the metal, ‘Saliva’ exudes rebellion as it leads you through a destructive path of punk rock energy. Brandon’s vocals embody the raw persistence of a raging bull, poked and prodded at by the restless instrumentals.

Rounding off Chastity’s debut EP, ‘Nevermind Lucifer’ reflects on the havoc unleashed in the previous three tracks. Brandon’s soothing vocals float with honest fragility between minimalistic clean guitars and the entire track is doused in reverb, providing lullabying atmospherics. It is the final piece of the puzzle that solidifies Tape as a refreshing and dynamic first offering by a group with exciting potential.

Words - Adam Kelly

Tape is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula
Chastity Official