Sunday, 13 December 2015

Django Django - Leeds University, December 5th (LIVE REVIEW)

Considering it’s blowing a gale and the roads are all over the place, Leeds University is pretty full as we await the arty quartet Django Django to the stage. Down the road those very thoughtful Stereophonics have posted a message on social media advising concert goers to allow plenty of time to travel to their Leeds arena show but we don’t need any hand holding here, this is Rock and Roll!   
As the band kick off with a protracted introduction leading into ‘Hail Bop’, followed by ‘Storm’, you immediately realise the decibel level is stratospheric, loud as fuck but in a good way as the gratuitous and slightly sinister electronica comes to the fore. There’s also a stack of visual accompaniment to the material, giving everything a slightly trippy feel. 

The jangly new track “Shake and Tremble” prove the band haven’t sat still since the release of ‘Born Under Saturn’ as they’re joined by James Mainwaring on sax for ‘Reflections’.  David McLean then switches from his drum kit to what looks to be a cardboard box on ‘First Light’ the first of many unusual percussion instruments used during tonight’s performance. There are also some great vocal harmonies going on here, so tight you’d struggle to fit a Rizla between them.

It’s also a homecoming gig of sorts for Morley born bassist Jimmy Dixon, the crowd supplying the obligatory ‘Yorkshire’ chants when made aware of this fact before we’re treated to the rootsy instrumental ‘Slow West’, reminding me a little of the early Zep instrumental ‘Black Mountain Side’, but it’s a right foot stomper of a track and by the end I’ve grown a pair of udders!

'Firewater’ is followed by perennial favourite ‘Waveforms’ and all three man the synths for ‘Skies over Cairo’ when I suddenly realise I haven’t seen this many pairs of white trousers worn by band members (three) since Live Aid, but hey, who’s counting? 
'Pause Repeat’ and ‘Default’ are both tremendous, going down a blinder before the main set ends in an avalanche of cowbells (more cowbell!) and air raid sirens with  ‘WOR’ as frontman Vincent Neff dedicates the song to the people of Syria.

The Encore includes ‘4000 Years’ and the Beach Boy influenced ‘Silver Rays’ the 90 minute gig over in a flash proving that time flies when you’re having so much fun.  

Words - Mike Price

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