Monday, 2 November 2015

Metz, Brudenell Social, Leeds, October 31st 2015 (LIVE REVIEW)

I don't know if the planets have aligned or darker forces have been making mischief, but tonight's Halloween gig inside Leeds' Brudenell has been truly off the hook. Toronto's furiously heavy and uncompromising trio Metz have just given a valuable lesson in how to do punk/hardcore/noise-rock at its very best. 

Topping an incredible bill put together by Dirty Otter that has already seen five bands doing there thing in the main room, the Canadian's have sent this place into a wild frenzy for an hour or so as they arrived on stage at 11pm, dressed in monk robes and chimp masks. Neither of which stayed on either front man and guitarist Alex Edkins or drummer Hayden Menzies for more than a couple of songs. Edkins is completely soaked in his sweat in no time, wrestling at the guitar and playing through glorious walls of feedback whilst somehow belting out the lyrics. Menzies plays like his life depends on it, all flailing hair and huge thumps like a certain Nirvana sticks-man. Bassist Chris slorach completes the power pack and pogo's back and forth, still wrapped in his cloak.

The band deliver such an intense display of raucous energy, played at earsplitting volume from opener 'Headache' through to the finale of the stretched out 'Wet Blanket'. With a standard Metz track clocking in between 2 and 3 minutes, the bulk of both 'I' and 'II' albums are savagely let loose on the ghouls and zombies in front of them. The Brudenell crowd feed on it like the bloodthirsty horrors that some are dressed up as. It's relentless too, no easing on the gas or slower song to rest up for a while in a Metz show. Last time they played here, it was to a relatively smaller crowd who they played to from the floor in front of the stage. This area tonight is pure carnage, in the nicest possible way. 'Spit You Out', 'Nervous System' and 'Wasted' are personal highlights but there's not a song in this set that doesn't kick the shit out of the night. They even squeeze in a fast and furious version of The Damned's 'Neat Neat Neat' with a guest vocalist to lend more ammunition to the onslaught.
I doubt whether few could match Metz on this performance. Quite how they recover so quickly from such an intense performance to make it on to the next night and do it all over again is beyond me. Sub Pop have a real gem here and Leeds have just succumbed to a proper thriller of a night.

Words - Pete Jackson

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