Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Foxtrott 'A Taller Us' (ALBUM REVIEW)

A Taller Us is the star-spangled new release from electro sensation FOXTROTT, otherwise known as Montreal-born Marie-Hélène Delorme. Led by the new single ‘Shaky Hands’, the album is an utter delight to listen to. FOXTROTT exudes a rare confidence in her music, characterised by her rebellious beats, forthright lyrics and playful synth-pop melodies. A self-taught singer, songwriter and producer, Delorme’s sound is packed with eccentricities and oozes style.

Driven’ is the bold album opener, filled with lavish electronic chords and a generous helping of attitude. The track sets the tone for the collection, which boasts simple, catchy hooks and experimental rhythms throughout. The slightly haunting ‘Brother’ is incessantly catchy, featuring punchy drum beats, atmospheric oohs, electro chords, and of course, Delorme’s distinctive vocal overlay. The trance-like undertone of this track renders it completely magical.

Patience’ is the quintessential electro-pop ballad, an eclectic mix of robotic synths and love-sick vocals, fused together by stomping drum work. Over the course of the album, Delorme treats her listeners to a whole host of other tracks that claim a similar electronica-style beauty. Out December 4th, A Taller Us is a must-listen.

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