Monday, 31 August 2015

Fans 'Born Into' (EP REVIEW)

Yorkshire based three-piece FANS have been generating a lot of hype over the last year. The last couple of months have seen them release singles as a teaser to Born Into their debut EP. I first heard of them six months ago when one of their dad's handed me a demo, "this is my son's band they are really good" is a sentence which you never really expect to be true, as it turns out I was thoroughly impressed.

The EP was produced by Matt Peel who has previously worked with Pulled Apart By Horses and Eagulls, his involvement is yet another glowing reference of their potential. FANS are however a very different proposition to the afore mentioned cohorts of Peel. Their skill lays in their moody resignation to the current state of the country rather than the aggression on hyper energetic nature of the other artists. Each track has a dark, brooding, undercurrent with layers of energy and uplifting bliss carefully structured on top. From the start of the first track "Born Into" their freedom of expression is clearly evident. The guitar hooks and riffs are catchy enough to begin with but they wander and develop from that starting point before they return and set off in yet another direction. One of the many impressive components of this EP is the driving percussion. It gives you the sense that the drummer isn't just keeping time, he is in control and pushing the other two to go faster and harder.

They have often been compared with The Strokes and Interpol and whilst moments are undeniably influenced by such bands this is a refreshing twist on that style, fans of Interpol in particular will find much to behold within this EP. In the past it has been mentioned that signer Dan Louch has a vocal style similar to that of Julian Casablanca's, but in my opinion it is much more like Matt Berninger from The National. The distorted vocals are delivered in a contemplative, relaxed, manner, as Casablancas did, but they feel like he is almost daydreaming and just expressing his inner most thoughts out loud especially in "To The Grave".

FANS will be supporting This Feeling at Nation Of Shopkeepers in Leeds on the 18th of September and Born Into will be available from the 4th of September.

Words - Gary Sykes
Fans - Official