Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Autobahn 'Dissemble' (ALBUM REVIEW)

Dissemble, the first full length release from local Leeds post punkers Autobahn sees them finally start to flesh out those inevitable Joy Division comparisons into something a little more of their own. Opening with Missing In Action, a throbbing drumbeat grabs attention from the off, building to a frenetic cacophony that explodes with vocal intensity. 
Acting as a bridge from their previous EPs, the Curtis-esque snarling barritone persists, backed with the band's trademark staccato fuzz, but it soon moves swiftly on to Immaterial Man. Oozing with sinister undertones, its kraut heavy influence evolves perfectly into the band's most darkly joyous melody yet. With that, a road to progression is set; by the time we reach A Beautiful Place To Die, they've taken the the baton passed from Joy Division via Interpol and run with it, rolling it in black glitter and glinting broken glass as they go. Society's scuzzy, acidic guitars and etheral vocals continue in the same vein; still straining with buttoned down anger, but the anger feels more thought out this time around. Like the title suggests, they've picked it apart and built into something new.

From the promising start, there's a point just over the half way mark when tracks start to feel a little interchangeable, but there does seem a purpose to the slight monotony, a careful deliberateness that causes pause to think rather than boredom. Suicide Saturday then picks up the mantle once more, an occilating, flickering song that sears the senses like hot white light. Autobahn are without doubt an interesting addition to the local (and national) musical landscape, and this fleshing out of their manifesto a thought provoking release. The album, however, has occasional moments when the restrained tightness of the delivery feels unbearably claustrophobic. This may be the point, but you're almost rooting for them to give in; to harness the darkness that's obviously bubbling just beneath and really destroy something.

Like a military coup, Dissemble is determinedly precise in its aggression. A Phillip Starke design made aural, there is a bare and cold minimalism; but if you look close enough at the shiny surface, a warmth ripples below the surface that's been crafted with, if not love, then at least a modicum of passion. Reigned in, strapped down and strangled passion, but passion all the same.

Words - Angi Strafford

Dissemble is out on August 21st on Tough Love Records

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