Monday, 26 January 2015

Siskiyou 'Nervous'

Embarking upon their third album to-date, Siskiyou demonstrate their ability to flirt ever so fervently with the delicate, the dramatic and the downright sensational in an album that promises bright horizons in 2015. . .
Entitled Nervous, the Canadian five-pieces’ latest offering proves nothing but bold, inventive and intense. Indeed, from opening track Deserter the sense of adventure in the composition of their unique form of Baroque- rock guitar becomes abundantly clear. With each swell of singer Colin Huebert’s lucid vocals, we are drawn in; tonally, he adds intrigue at every turn in what is already an almost surreal listening experience. 
Perhaps the greatest moment on the album comes in Bank Accounts and Dollar Bills, in which Siskiyou stumble upon a stroke of genius. Akin to something for which would sit proudly within an Arcade Fire record, their attention to detail creates a texturally rich canvas leaving something deeply satisfying. Indeed, toing and froing between haunting slide guitars and driving yet wistful pianos, in Bank Accounts and Dollar Bills Siskiyou have created something truly special.

Further still to the merit of Siskiyou is the manner in which they create an album for which demonstrates genuine progression, whilst maintaining a sense of familiarity with their more traditional folk moments. This is none more so true than of the heart-warming, Imbecile Thoughts, which augments its warm chord progression with gritty, atmospheric tremolo guitar to marvelous effect. What is more, rhythmically, Siskiyou demonstrate their excellence throughout further displaying their rich compositional understanding. Indeed, after the intricate and somewhat Victorian introduction of Babylonian Proclivities, we are greeted halfway through with bouncing drums - executed alongside the descending falsettos of Huebert - that is sure to bring delighted foot tapping and smiles alike in what is a deeply accomplished song.
My almost uncontainable excitement at every unexpected brass flourish and delicate orchestration was endemic of my listening experience of the album as a whole. Lush, considered and purposeful, Siskiyou have created an album that wastes not a second, nor indulges in the unnecessary. Quite simply, this concise collection of songs is an entity that surely beckons the arrival a big year for Siskiyou.

Words - Matt Taylor

'Nervous' is out now via Constellation Records
Listen to 'Deserter'