Wednesday, 21 January 2015

GHXST - 'Nowhere' EP

Big Apple based power trio GHXST (pronounced “Ghost” for those of you who were wondering) take elements of Grunge, Krautrock, Metal, Punk and Blues, the end product being a creepy stoner sound that’s far more accessible than you’d first believe.
‘Nowhere’ is a 5-and-a-bit-track EP released via the Club the Mammoth label and feels like the band’s most ambitious work during their 5 or so years together. 

Shelley X (Guitar/Vocals), Chris Wild (Guitar) and Nathan LaGuerra (Drums) have spent the last 12 months piecing together this new material, their first extended recording since their 2011 debut album ‘Evilwickeddesire’, this time laid down in 3 different locations starting in New Orleans and culminating in Brooklyn via Nashville.

‘Slow Down’ kicks things off with the meatiest sounding riff since Fudge Tunnel were in their pomp as the sensual and alluring vocal of Shelley X ups the thrill factor throughout. ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Keep Me Awake are both equally dark yet still feel surprisingly groovy the head involuntarily nodding with the drone like bottom end keeping things going on nicely without becoming too elaborate or overstaying its welcome.

‘No Luck’ speeds things up nice with a healthy twist of Goth, a post millennial biker anthem if ever I heard one. Penultimate track is the 45 second interlude ‘In Deth’ serving as a pseudo-introduction to the closing track ‘Galaxia’ giving us both barrels of the twin guitar assault for a thrilling finale. Cracking.

Words - Mike Price
'Nowhere' is released on January 26th through

Listen to 'No Luck'

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