Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Weather Station - Leeds Brudenell Social Club, January 25th 2018 (LIVE REVIEW)

A couple of years ago I happened across the beguiling Canadian folk chanteuse Tamara Lindeman at Headrow House, performing alone under her soubriquet The Weather Station in her opening slot for fellow Ontarian Basia Bulat. 

Two years later and she’s back in the county, this time at Brudenell, the first night of a headline UK tour with her own band in tow, largely thanks to the attention garnered by last Autumn’s fine eponymous release, generating enough critical acclaim to warrant appearances in many end of year album lists.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tamara’s first self-produced record bags a Juno nomination this spring. It’s a much bolder full band effort, packed with fruitful forays into country, pop, blues and rock; resoundingly plugged in, yet still containing many delicate interludes, perfectly complimenting the confessional subject matter.

To add to tonight’s intimate feel, the blackout curtains are up in Brudenell, separating the main stage front area from the rest of the room, enabling Tamara and her three band mates including bassist Ben Whiteley and second guitarist William Kidman, to create some genuine warmth in TWS sound, the ideal foil for Lindeman’s latest lyric laden creations such as ‘Free’, ‘Power’ and the exquisite ‘You and I (On the Other Side of the World)’.

Tamara still chooses to perform the odd number alone to generous applause from the perhaps three-quarters full venue, joined vocally by Whiteley and Kidman on ‘Came So Easy’ the resultant sumptuous harmony sending a shiver down one’s spine. 

The soft voiced unassuming Canadian chooses to let her music do the talking, speaking only occasionally between songs although before tonight’s highlight, the fabulous groover ‘Impossible’, she informs us the track is about getting used to sad things. Completing the main set with the impressive ‘Thirty’ we’re also treated to couple of encores, firstly with the band then Tamara finishing alone with ‘All of it Was Mine’. 

Words - Mike Price