Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Superbowl MVB's (Most Valuable Beers)

"...obviously you want to make sure you start off with a lighter beer, something that's not too strong ABV wise. You don't want to start the night 'all guns blazing' and nod off before the half time spectacular after all"...

Brace yourselves Britain, we are about to be hit by a storm drifting over from the US. No, its not Gertrude or one of the other comically titled storms, but the annual extravaganza that is The Superbowl. With the game underway on Sunday 7th February from 11:30pm GMT, its time to put on the sick voices and let work know you wont be coming in on Monday.

This year marks the 50th edition of the Superbowl and what better way to celebrate than with a bumper selection of American beers. American football and beer are a marriage made in heaven, and with an occasion like this, it requires a little planning to make sure your late-night Superbowl evening goes down a treat.  This article will tell you all you need to know about what beers to buy, where to get them from, and just as equally important, what order to drink them in. So, lets get started!

With such a late start, the obvious first recommendation is coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Once you've ensured you wont be falling asleep any time soon its time to crack open the first beer. Id get the beer flowing at about 10:45 to get in a good amount of pre-game build up. Now, obviously you want to make sure you start off with a lighter beer, something that's not too strong ABV wise. You don't want to start the night 'all guns blazing' and nod off before the half time spectacular after all.

My first beer choice would be Firestone Walker's 'Easy Jack', a 4.5% session IPA. It contains a huge range of hops from all corners of the globe including Europe, New Zealand and North America. This beer is very smooth, very quaffable with a dry finish. Its super fresh and super tasty. Its reasonably easy to get hold of online in the U.K too with www.beergonzo.co.uk stocking it for £2.40.

11:30 - The game begins. For the first quarter, I've plumped for a 5.7% beer from Founders in the form of 'Rübæus'. Ths is a fruit beer, but don't be put off by that if this style isn't your usual beer of choice. With a heavy malt base, the raspberries are balanced beautifully with just the right amount of tart and sweet flavours. It's juicy too which should help with the tiredness. Beers of Europe stock this for just north of £3.

With the 2nd quarter underway, its time to crack open something brewed local to Superbowl challengers the Carolina Panthers in the form of North Carolina based brewery Oskar Blues. Their 'IPA' is packaged fittingly to match the colours of the Carolina Panthers uniforms so it only seems only right to drink this can of fresh, hoppy goodness. At a very specific 6.43%, 1st thoughts are Grapefruit! Great big hits of grapefruit. Its really well balanced, with red-current flavour, bready malts and a hoppy aftertaste. Big style refreshment. This beer was available at last check at Beergonzo for £3.20. The half time show usually lasts 15 minutes, so I recommend using this time to nurture the Oskar Blues IPA a little longer, the sandman will be trying to catch up with you at this stage. 

With the 2nd half beginning, its time for a beer for the other Superbowl challengers, the Denver Broncos. Odell Brewing Co are based in Fort Collins, Colorado, about an hours drive from Denver. Here, I've opted for, in my opinion, Odell's best brew. Their seasonal beer 'St. Lupulin' is an extra pale ale of epic proportions. It hits the shelves and pumps around autumn time each year and they are still around at the moment, but be quick to ensure you get your hands on a bottle. On the nose its pine and citrus fruits. On the palate its sweet and fruity with vanilla hiding in the background. Its hoppy, you better believe its hoppy! St Lupilin is afterall, the mystical story of man spending his summers devoted to growing hops. If you want this, Beers of Europe stock it at £3.08, as I say, be quick! 

We move on to the last beer of the night, we're only 5 beers in but if you've had as much experience with craft beer as I have then  you really wouldn't want to drink much more. I like to savour my beer. Not mindlessly guzzle it down like a lager lout. Anyway, its the last quarter of the game, and of course we've got to finish with a bang. We're going back in for another beer from Oskar Blues. This time, in the form of an imperial IPA - 'Gubna'. This is a beer for the big boys. There is so much going on here, but its all married together so well. There's tastes of apricot, burnt orange, mango, golden syrup and grapefruit. for 10%, its far too drinkable and right at the end you get a big bitter smash. With the extra alcohol content, expect to pay a little extra. Beergonzo stocks it for £5.95.

Your evening is now complete. The football will have been exciting, intense, bitter and  a colourful spectacular. The beers, similar but hopefully even better. If you tried my Superbowl beer range, then please let me know.

Words - David Dickinson (beer_baron_lincoln)

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