Friday, 2 October 2015

Dilly Dally 'Sore' (ALBUM REVIEW)

Very rarely do I play an album back to back, on consecutive days, and still have an itching desire to play it again immediately. We'll that's what's happened with Toronto's Dilly Dally and their incredible debut Sore. It's been a long time coming though for best friends Katie Monks and Liz Ball. Years of searching for the complete line up has undoubtedly paid off in spades with the addition of bassist Jimmy Tony and drummer Benjamin Reinhartz. 

Opening track 'Desire' sets the lustful tone of the album and you get the measure of its qualities in one opening sensational track alone. A wall of feedback is broken by Monks distinguished drawl as she counts the band in for a loud-quiet-loud feeding frenzy. Inevitably comparisons are immediately drawn to some of the heavyweights in music gone before. Pixies, Breeders, Pumpkins, all clearly major influences as are some of those who came a little later, Distillers, Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even The Libertines. Dilly Dally aren't just wannabe mimickers however. The Toronto four-piece deservedly sit in such glowing company through the sheer power and emotion these eleven tracks collectively bring. They've managed to merge together the greatest riffs of grunge, anthemic melodies of Indie and sweet sugary Pop, hit refresh, and produced a colossal-sized sound that will surely catapult them into adequately sized venues.

You'll need the physical copy for an entire appreciation of the lyrics. Katie Monks slurs and screams all over Sore, even in lighter moments of tracks like 'The Touch' and 'Get To You', it's often far from apparent what she's busting your balls about. 'Purple Rage' captures the very essence of the band in its three minute channelled explosions of angst. Switching between a mild-mannered stomp and crunching guitar riffs in a (broken?) heartbeat, all the while with that rasping voice of Monks playing merry hell over the top. Kurt Cobain would undoubtedly be raising an eyebrow.

The album comes to an inconsolable end with a four-minute eerie piano and vocal sparring match. After the raw emotions and savagery of Sore, 'Burned By The Cold' dabs a chilled 'there there' flannel on that feverish brow. It might just be the track to tip you over the edge and break you, such has been the roller coaster ride they've already taken you on.

Debut of the year? Oh I think so.

Words - Pete Jackson

Dilly Dally official

Sore is released on October 9th via Partisan Records and Buzz Records

UK Tour dates
07 January - London, Victoria
22 January - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
23 January - Manchester, Castle Hotel
24 January - Glasgow, Broadcast
25 January - Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
26 January - Bristol, Louisiana
27 January - Brighton, Green Door Centre
29 January - Aldershot, West End Centre