Friday, 10 July 2015

Chelsea Wolfe - 'Abyss' album preview

(photo credit: Shaina Hedlund)

If you’ve a penchant for ethereal vocals draped across vast inhospitable soundscapes blending folk, industrial metal and electronica, then LA-based Chelsea Wolfe may be right up your street. Considering Ms Wolfe grew up in southern California, the famed sunshine of that region has so far been largely absent from her material. One may wonder if things are likely to change on album number 5 but considering the title of the new record, released on the Sargent House label, not to mention new single ‘Carrion Flowers’ combining fuzzy, scuzzy and muzzy with road-drill drum effects tactically placed throughout to beat any semblance of listener resistance into submission, perhaps not.

Having said that, despite Ms Wolfe’s interest in exploring darker parts the human psyche, the evident quality of her recorded output, plus the attention to detail indicates there is a talented soul at work here, benefiting from both her early exposure to music and more importantly, the tools to make some of her own. Her voice is both hauntingly beautiful and sinister at the same time and she knows how best to use it, simply letting it ride the copious waves contained within the perfect storm of expansive sound she creates.

‘Abyss’ hits the virtual shelves on August 7th and on the evidence of ‘Carrion’, plus the exquisite quiet/loud dynamic within ‘Iron Moon’, also currently available, we may be looking at the perfect soundtrack to the returning lengthy evenings. 

Preview - Mike Price

1. Carrion Flowers
2. Iron Moon
3. Dragged Out
4. Maw
5. Grey Days
6. After the Fall
7. Crazy Love
8. Simple Death
9. Survive
10. Color of Blood
11. The Abyss

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