Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Slaves - York Fibbers - November 10th 2014

Slaves. Not 'The Slaves'. Not 'Slaves UK' or 'We Are Slaves' even. Short and to the point. Every bit like their songs, live and loud in York tonight. They've got their throw-away 2 minute garage-punk songs by the scruff. Throwing them out at rapid pace to the Fibbers crowd who for a post bonfire, gloomy November Sunday night are far from shy of showing the Tunbridge Wells two-some they're appreciation.

The songs in question are simple in formula and fearsome in delivery. Isaac Holman attacks the sparse drum kit from a standing position, spitting out the lyrics without ever missing a beat. A highly likeable chap with a cheeky grin never too far away from his heavily sweating face. Laurie Vincent thrashes at his guitar to Isaac's right, shredding riffs left right and center that pump up this well up for it crowd. They tell a good tale do Slaves and this is demonstrated in the bands bond with their fans. Often painting a pre-song picture of how a particular tune of theirs came to be, with deadpan humor and pin pointed accuracy ('Where's Your Car Debbie?'). Indeed, these little stories have become synonymous with Slaves on the road, often lasting much longer than the actual song they precede ('Girl Fight').   

Slaves rarely take their foot off the pedal, and their audience follow suit. If anything, shifting up another gear when they hear current single 'Hey' and finished off with a lengthy (at least 4 minutes) 'Beauty Quest'. The two on stage embrace in a triumphant brotherly man-hug and disappear off into the night. 
'You Are All Slaves!'

Photos - Jeremy Keefe