Monday, 28 April 2014


It's May already. May we recommend these beauties to you? And may you thoroughly enjoy them all!

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From: Flintshire, North Wales

Who: Welsh Four-piece mash up of PABH crossed with DZ Deathrays

What: 'Dirtbox' EP out April 28th

Touring: Check here



From: California

Who: Merril Garbus

What: 'Nikki Nack' Released May 6th

Touring: Yes. Check here



From: Philadelphia

Who:  Carlin Brown (drums)  Dave Klyman (guitar/vocals)  Jon Loudon (vocals/guitar)  Ben
Pierce (keys/guitar/vocals)  Dan Zimmerman (bass)

What: most recent album ‘LP2’ was released last year and the band have been busy working on its follow-up at their hometown Philadelphia’s Miner Street Studios. It’s expected for release later this year.

Touring: Yes. Check here



From: Toronto

Who: Nevermind that. Just listen.

What: "Caustic. Brash. Noisy. Abrasive. Dissonant. Melodic. Sarcastic. Explosive". (Car Park Records)

Touring: Not yet. Keep checking here