Wednesday, 26 March 2014

MILAGRES - Violent Light

Milagres is the band to have caught our ears this week; the talented foursome from Brooklyn has bashed out yet another set of golden sounds. Entitled Violent Light, the name of the LP alone screams the over-synthed luminosities of multicolour techno-pop. Yet what you really find with indie group Milagres’ glowing new LP is a refreshing mega-mix of pop, trippy synths, rock and edge. The album is simultaneously emotional, hard and charismatic; it marks a move from their debut Glowing Mouth, released in 2011, which hits darker notes reminiscent of a gloomier time for frontman Kyle Wilson, who spent a stint in hospital following a climbing accident producing the band’s first release.
The progressive new LP is set for release through Memphis Industries this February 24th.  The collection takes inspiration from Wilson’s frequent jaunts to New Mexico, and his grandfather’s involvement in both the Manhattan Project and the hydrogen bomb. Tracks including ’The Letterbomb’ carry this potent and personal weight, yet keep things upbeat with their sheer, feisty clamour. Even the title of the LP gives away the Brooklynites’ engrossment with the science age, and it certainly runs through much of their work. Milagres also have their share of dealings in love: pop anthem ‘IDNYL’ premiered by The Guardian features the ghostly vocals of Wilson layered over prolonged beats and hazy synths. The track is a pop anthem of lust; catchy, magnetic and one to remember.  This shiny veil of unearthly sound is cast over the whole album: ‘Urban Eunuchs’ sees Wilson’s twinkling vocals stepped up a notch, as it is mixed with heavier beats and high-pitched angelic vocals, all amidst screeching guitar twangs. The track is a Muse-style pastiche complete with an electric energy characteristic to Milagres.

 It looks like the ten-strong album will form the cornerstone of Milagres’ success and catapult them to stardom. The indie-rock quartet joins Wilson with talents of producer and bass player Fraser McCulloch, drummer Paul Payabyab and Chris Brazee on the keys. In the words of The Guardian, Violent Light is "a beautifully understated, melodically-rich slice of electronic soul that sounds like someone waking up from a fuzzy dream and seeing things with complete clarity". Indeed, the effervescent Milagres’ unique take on things truly crosses the wires of genre. Whether Indie-rock is your bag or you have a predilection for synth-pop, you will find something in this band. They performed at Bestival last year and South by Southwest Music Festival the year before that; who knows where they will land themselves next.

Words - Claudia Turnbull